Holding Pattern 

Holding Pattern is an annual publication produced by DADE, a collective of women and femme artists founded in 2017 by Diana Antohe, DS Chapman, Angie Reisch, and Ellen Smith. While DADE is an acronym for the founding members’ names, the definition of dade also means “to lead and support.” DADE is dedicated to our mission of supporting non-male makers through providing a platform for their work to be shown.

The first edition of Holding Pattern was published in May 2017 and included work from thirteen female-identifying artists. DADE hosted a book launch and panel discussion with the artist collective Toxic Shock at The Wild Detectives in Dallas, Texas to accompany the publication with an active discourse on the issues facing non-male artists in our community.  

The second edition of Holding Pattern is now available. For more information and to purchase a copy, visit: www.dadecollective.com 

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