Two Absences on the Planar Surface

Two Absences on the Planar Surface is a time-based interactive installation in which the artist has created a bodymark on the installation surface that can be erased, altered, or destroyed by any passerby for the duration of the installation. In an act of routine and ritual, the artist will return each day to attempt to repair the erased/altered/destroyed mark to its original state — a state of sought perfection and of pre-corruption. The two parties — creator and destroyer — participate in a cyclical act of creation, erasure, and repair, leaving behind evidence of their interaction on the installation surface. As a result, the surface at once becomes the physical meeting point for the two agents as well as a relic on which the palimpsest is created. Although they do not physically interact with one another, the two participants’ actions serve to cover and uncover meaning about themselves and the space that they are interacting in.


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